About us

Established in 2020, Lunar & Co. was created to help you awaken your femininity and to heal the patterns created by modern living, to allow us to be the empowered, sensual, sexual and creative spiritual beings that lie within us.


 Non-toxic & proud!

Toxic products have been linked to causing hormone inbalances, chronic illness and cancer, so in our pledge to make people’s lives more wholesome we certainly don’t want to be contributing to anything like that! That is why we search high and low to ensure that the ingredients we use in our products are non-toxic! We try to be as transparent about our ingredients as possible and will always be happy to ask any questions you may have.

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We give back

10% of all our profits are donated to supporting our chosen charity for 2021, Period Poverty UK. Period Poverty provide non-toxic sanitary products to women and girls who can’t afford or access them in the U.K. and globally. This being women in refugee camps, homeless women, female students and women in low income employment.

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Meet the founder

Lassie spent most of her teenage years suffering with depression, anxiety and a multitude of health problems. She always felt like this would be her way of life. In 2018 Lassie found her love for yoga, which fuelled her existing passion of aromatherapy. She began living a more wholesome and clean lifestyle and finally began to feel free from the previous health struggles she had faced. With a mission to share her secret and help others Lunar&Co. was founded. Although not fully aware of the negative effects of synthetic fragrances and toxic beauty products she wasn’t willing to compromise the quality of ingredients in her products, by sticking with sourcing organic and the purest ingredients, Lassie accidentally stumbled across the market audience of those suffering with chronic illnesses, with many sharing they hadn’t been able to find non-toxic candles or wax melts until now! With the goal of introducing others to a more natural way of living to help find serenity in this whirlwind 21st century life we all live, Lassie pledges to continue expanding her range to offer a variety of non-toxic beauty products and to help bring a healthier way of life to others.