Pure vs. Synthetic Fragrance in Aromatherapy - What's the difference?

Pure vs. Synthetic Fragrance in Aromatherapy - What's the difference?

You may think you’ve tried aromatherapy before, a lot of candle companies market their product as ‘aromatherapy’ but did you know there are different types of fragrances and not all of them are beneficial or healthy? 

Are you sure your 'wellness' products aren't actually having a detrimental effect on your health?

It’s extremely important to make sure that the fragrances you are inhaling are of high quality and non-toxic, making sure they are not releasing any harsh chemicals which can have a negative impact on you and your environment.

Read on to see the difference between the quality of fragrances and the difference it can make on your health!

What do you mean by pure essential oils?

When you see a product labelled as using 100% pure essential oils, it means they are using natural essential oils that are derived directly from plants. They are distilled from aromatic parts of a plant or tree, have a potent smell and possess fascinating medicinal benefits. This is the exact reason why they are perfect to use in aromatherapy and as a holistic treatment, as the essential oils contain compounds that have various effects on the mind and body. They have properties that can make us feel a certain way, for example when you inhale Ylang Ylang it can improve your mood, making you feel happy and it has the ability to increase self-esteem.


What are synthetic fragrances?

Synthetic fragrances means the scent was artificially made. They try to imitate natural essential oils, often containing alcohol and other harmful ingredients to mimic the aroma. Synthetic fragrances also don’t possess the medicinal benefits that pure essential oils do, instead they can trigger reactions, such as headaches, nausea and even allergic reactions, some have even been linked to chronic illness and cancers. Moreover, potentially toxic, unhealthy chemicals and artificial preservatives (including parabens and sulfates) are added so that the fragrances last longer and these can have harmful implications on your health.

So, what’s the main difference?

Although pure essential oils are usually more expensive, they have numerous natural healing properties that can positively affect physical and mental health unlike synthetic fragrances. If you were to use synthetic fragrances in the same way you wouldn’t be receiving any therapeutic benefits as they are designed to just mimic a scent, not the medicinal properties associated with the pure essential oils.

Does organic really matter?

Yes, it certainly does! We make sure our essential oils are organic certified. This means that the plants and herbs were grown free from herbicides, pesticides and residues. If they are not organically grown then these nasty chemicals used when growing can be transferred in the process into the essential oil and into the product.

Why choose Lunar&Co.?

Lunar&Co. only uses 100% pure essential oils derived from real plants, meaning all the products are non-toxic, packed full of health-enhancing benefits and have been expertly produced with aromatherapy in mind.