How to Start your Morning with Essential Oils

How to Start your Morning with Essential Oils

Essential oils are commonly associated with helping you to relax and aiding in sleep, but there are also loads of oils that can help invigorate and prepare you for the day. We can all agree that we all have days when we wake up and just don’t have the energy or motivation for the day ahead and would do anything to stay in bed longer. We all need a little boost now and then to push us in the right direction. This is where our uplifting range of aromatherapy products can be beneficial in helping you start your morning in the correct headspace. Essential oils are a natural remedy that you can incorporate into your morning to wake you up and lift you from exhaustion, rather than relying on caffeine. Using the following essential oils in your morning routine are certainly going to make getting out of bed that little bit easier and set you up for the rest of the day. 

Citrus oils have the ability to boost serotonin, the hormone that affects our mood. When diffusing citrus oils such as grapefruit, lemon and orange, they encourage positive emotions, meaning you’re more likely to have a happier moodlet after inhaling said essential oils. The refreshing aroma of lemon has mood-enhancing and energising properties which can perk you up and provide mental clarity. Our aromatherapy blend of Sunshine Smiles uses energising lemon, motivating orange and mood elevating bergamot to help brighten your day. Furthermore, these citrus oils are effective at stimulating the mind and enhancing cognitive function, so they make the perfect addition on your desk whilst you’re working too. 

Diffusing grapefruit during the morning helps to motivate you and get you moving. It can be found in another one of our uplifting scents, Happy Go Lucky. This blend features mood-elevating bergamot, balancing grapefruit and self-esteem boosting ylang ylang, sure to put you in a happy mood. It’s an ideal companion for your morning routine, especially if you are feeling down in the dumps. 

If you’re struggling to remain focused or feel like your brain won’t function, try starting your day by diffusing peppermint which is an invigorating essential oil that can help alleviate mental fatigue. It can boost productivity, focus and concentration and help you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Inhale, Exhale has been crafted with energising peppermint, refreshing and purifying lemon and stress relieving lavender, designed to freshen up your mind and soul, providing clarity all whilst uplifting you from exhaustion. Simply add between 5-10 drops of the essential oil blend into a diffuser or burner and enjoy the refreshing and citrus aroma to help stimulate energy levels and enhance your mood.