Feeling stressed? Struggling to relax after a long day? Aromatherapy is a great natural remedy to help enhance the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul and there's a whole host of essential oils to help you unwind at the end of the day (or whenever you need a moment of calmness). You’ll find a carefully selected combination of unwinding essential oils in our products designed with relaxation in mind. All of our scents can be found in our aromatherapy candles, wax melts and essential oil blends, if you have a preference for one over the other. 

When you think of relaxing, the first essential oil that probably comes to mind is lavender. After all, it is an incredibly popular and versatile essential oil that can be used for many reasons. It possesses an array of benefits, including promoting relaxation and aiding sleep. It’s renowned for its ability to create a calming atmosphere to help decrease stress and it’s one of our favourites for this exact reason. Furthermore, if you have heightened anxiety, it can help to soothe nerves and calm those anxious thoughts or a racing mind, another reason why this is such an amazing essential oil. We understand some people may struggle with the oil or have an allergy to lavender, so we do offer lavender-free alternatives in our products too, which you’ll find further down this blog post.

What other essential oils encourage relaxation?

So, we’ve already discussed the calming properties of lavender, now let’s look into some other essential oils that you could use too. 

Frankincense has a wide variety of uses, including reducing tension and negative emotions. Due to its calming and grounding properties it’s a great essential oil to use in your pre-bedtime routine to bring a sense of relaxation. It’s been used for thousands of years and is still praised today, so next time you’re in need of a little calm, diffuse a few drops of Frankincense oil. Another essential oil you could use is Cedarwood which has many soothing properties to help relieve tension and promote relaxation. It’s incredible at soothing your mind after a stressful day and is one of our favourites to use to melt away worries and stresses from the day. You’ll find a combination of calming lavender, grounding frankincense and soothing cedarwood blended together in our Mama Says Relax scent to encourage you to sink into deep relaxation.

Everyone’s scent preference is different so it is important to experiment with different essential oils till you find the right one for you to help you relax.

Bergamot is an uplifting citrus scent and is a perfect choice for relieving stress as it’s recognised to elevate mood and establish calmness. Similarly, Ylang Ylang has shown stress relieving effects on the mind and body by alleviating anxiety whilst increasing feelings of serenity. Our Moonlight Lullaby wax melt is created using relaxing lavender, calming bergamot and blissfully soothing ylang ylang to ease you into a deep sleep.

What is the Lavender-free option?

As we mentioned earlier we know some people may not be able to use lavender, but it wouldn’t be fair to not be able to practice aromatherapy and feel the therapeutic benefits associated with it. So, we have a lavender-free alternative available for you to help you relax, unwind and get a blissful night’s sleep.

In this blend you’ll find Patchouli to improve mood, as it relieves tension and encourages relaxation which can result in indulging in a better night's sleep. Frankincense is used to promote a calming state of mind and finally, Sweet Orange which is effective at reducing stress. If diffusing essential oils is your preferred way of using aromatherapy, try our Sweet Dreams scent, blended with mood enhancing patchouli, calming frankincense and stress reducing sweet orange. It’s designed to help relieve any racing thoughts and encourage you to drift into a peaceful sleep.

Top tip: Practice mindful breathing exercises (breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth) whilst inhaling the aroma of your candle, wax melt or essential oil blend as it’s diffusing to feel the full therapeutic effects. This will help encourage your mind to get into that relaxing state of mind too. Also, if you’re using an aromatherapy candle, always remember to burn for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours.