Essential Oils for Productivity

Essential Oils for Productivity

If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for a natural way to help increase productivity. There are numerous essential oils out there that can boost productivity and focus. Below you’ll find some of our suggestions of essential oils to look for and which of our aromatherapy products can help you.

Essential oils that increase productivity

Essential oils have the ability to naturally change how we feel. They have many health enhancing and therapeutic benefits that can positively alter our mind, helping to overcome procrastination and improve concentration. 

We recommend using an aromatherapy candle or diffusing pure essential oils designed to encourage productivity, some popular oils include:

Lemon - The uplifting scent of lemon helps with cognitive function and is used for memory stimulation.

Peppermint - If you’re having trouble keeping your attention span in check, look out for stimulating essential oils, such as peppermint. This oil enhances energy, focus, alertness and prolongs attention.

Lavender - With its calming properties and refreshing effect, makes Lavender ideal to help improve productivity.

Research suggests there is a link between scent and recall, as scent triggers memories (due to the association created between scent and our brain chemistry). If you inhale essential oils while studying, working or even just trying to retain information, when you inhale the same essential oil again it can trigger the memory or memories that have been associated with that particular scent.

Which Lunar&Co. blends can help me?

Our refreshing and energising Inhale, Exhale blend uses a combination of lemon, peppermint and lavender making it the perfect companion for if you’re running low on energy and require that productivity boost.